Taper Troubles

Biggest problem with tapering so far? Besides being twitchy?


All. The. Time.

I simply can’t get enough to eat and I can’t explain why I’m so hungry.


Of course I’m eating. But the issue is, what am I eating? Smarties and Eatmores don’t seem to be a brilliant solution.

Smarties may look like no-name M&M’s but they’re much, much nicer.

The giant bag of Lucky Charms on top of the fridge might not be the answer either. Rats.

Runners Connect suggests that I don’t ignore that rumbling in my tummy, but that I aim for healthy snacks. Oh yay. Complex carbohydrates instead of empty calories.

So what ARE complex carbohydrates? Carbohydrates that need a therapist? Sorry.

Fruits. Whole grains. Beans.

Beans? Really?

And protein. Do you ever think that we all have a protein complex? Seems that every time I turn around somebody is talking about eating enough protein. Enough already. We get plenty. I refuse to think about this one at all. And I refuse to start weighing my food.

And finally, water. Yawn. Not coke. Not lemonade. Not even margaritas. Boring, boring, boring water.

Guess I’ll try to save my treats for AFTER the run; and in the meantime, you’ll find me in the boring food aisle of my local grocery store.


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