Done and Done

Well, pals, nine months later and we’re done.

Last February I registered us for the Dogwood Canyon 50k. Ran it Sunday. Survived.

Halfway (or thereabouts)
Halfway (or thereabouts)

I don’t really know what to say – except maybe that I’m glad it’s done. I’m glad we did it. I’m REALLY glad we survived. And yes, I am glad it’s over.

It was a beautiful (hilly) course. Manned by fabulous volunteers (thanks Leanne, et al). Altogether, it was a day well spent.

50k. Eight hours and 38 minutes. And only one minor injury. I think I sprained my finger when I went off-trail briefly and fell on my a$$. Narrowly avoided smashing this little guy.

Great wildlife shot, eh?

I’ll admit to being a little stiff. Hahahahaha. Went out for a brief saunter this morning, turned out to be more of a lurch. Staggered around a few blocks and came home for coffee. I might try to control myself this week and only go out to walk the dog. Maybe.

I guess maybe I have one more thing to learn about this running long distances thing….What do you do to recover? Suggestions, friends? I’m all ears.


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