Recovery Week

It’s been an interesting week, friends.

Monday and Tuesday….just call me Lurch.

By Wednesday afternoon I could stand up or sit down or even climb the stairs with no moaning.

And today (Thursday) has been lovely. Got out of bed without even a creak. Ran a gentle little three miles, just for fun. I’ve even been able to get up and down enough to do my semi-annual regular core workout.

To what do I owe this miraculous recovery? I’ve discovered the three big Rs of recovery.




Want a little more detail?

Rest. Go to bed early. Sleep in as late as possible. Nap at lunchtime. The most important piece of the puzzle is just letting sleep dissolve your aches and pains. This is when your body releases growth hormone to repair and rebuild your muscles. (Or so I’m told.)

Refuel. Eat well. We stopped for cheeseburgers and fries on our way home Sunday afternoon but have been more sensible since then. Lots of veg. A little bit of protein to help rebuild those muscles. And lots and lots and lots of water.


Relax. Don’t worry. Walk the dog. Take it slow and enjoy basking in the glow of a job well done. There will be plenty of time for running.

Oh. And massage. Might not start with an “r”, but still a vital part of any recovery plan.

Now we’ll just have to decide what’s next. Hmmmmm.


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