I Surrender

Remember waaaaayyyyyyy back in high school when the cool kids stayed up to watch SNL? They would come to school Monday morning laughing about the great sketches?

That’s when I learned it was cool to be a night owl. And of course when you’re a teenager, being a night person comes naturally. Hello circadian rhythms.

Now I’ll admit that I fought to hang onto that cool night owl label as long as I could. But last Tuesday… I surrendered.

Guess what pals? I’m NOT a night owl. I’m a morning person. I struggle to not be that annoying chatty person who comes into the office in the morning full of good cheer and enthusiasm. (I know some of you prefer your mornings to be a little more quiet.)

But what does this have to do with running?

You know.

I finally decided to celebrate my true morning self on my run last Tuesday. Got up early (still dark) and headed out for an easy seven. There was Orion, dancing along beside me over my right shoulder. The streets were quiet. The robins were chirping sleepily in their nests. It was fabulous.

By the time I finished my loop and climbed the front steps, the sun was rising and my wonderful husband had left a fresh pot of coffee waiting for me on the kitchen counter.

So there you go…. Just a year or two after no longer being a teenager…. I’ve decided it’s time to grow up and be true to my nature. I’ll see you early in the morning friends.

One last morning perk…. You don’t see sights like this when you run in the middle of the day.

Remember Little Rock?
Remember Little Rock?

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