Snow Day(s)

So I was away for a few days last week. Did you miss me? I spent some time at Lake Louise with my sister. Fabulous break.

And you know me…I was thrilled at the chance to do a little trail running in the mountains. But sadly, mother nature had other plans. Twelve inches of snow the day we drove north from Calgary (Thursday). Twelve inches of snow on Friday. And twelve more on Saturday. Really.

stop sign

I did consider going out Saturday for my long run. Really I did. My sister was in her conference, and I had all day to entertain myself. Got up. Got dressed. Opened the door. And saw this….

snowy trees

Maybe a little deep for my Brooks?

But I’m nothing if not flexible, so I changed into more climate-appropriate gear and went out to play in the snow.


I spent an hour or so hiking around, filling my boots with the white stuff, playing. Then changed into dry socks and wandered down into the actual village of Lake Louise. Drank a cup of coffee. Bought candy for my friends and family. Wandered back up to the hotel.

What next?

More exploring in the snow. Followed by a delicious lunch of elk stew. Ummm….. Yum.

While it may not have been the most action-packed getaway ever, it was definitely one of the most restorative. Good company. Beautiful scenery. And lots of time for knitting. This one earned all five stars.

Btw, we did eventually see the sun. And the mountains. On our way down to catch our planes. It was beautiful.


And yes, next time maybe we’ll be able to RUN some of those trails. Here’s hoping.


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