Bad Weather?

I may not wholeheartedly ascribe to the philosophy of, “There’s no such thing as bad weather…only bad gear,” I have lived through a tornado, after all, and that’s DEFINITELY bad weather.

Today, however, let’s talk about less extreme weather. Winter. And how to actually maybe possibly enjoy running in the winter.

Step 1. Get your butt outside. I know, I know, that’s what this post is about. How to get outside and not hate it. So….

Wear a hat. Gloves. Tights. Running pants. Wool socks. And an outer layer that blocks the wind. I love the neck warmer/head band/face mask thing Phil bought for me last year. Or maybe the year before. It keeps the wind out, but isn’t heavy.

Take advantage of tools like the Runner’s World’s What to Wear app. It’s bookmarked on my phone and I check it in the evening so I can lay out the most appropriate running gear for the morning.

cold run

Run in the daylight when you can. Sunshine feels warmer. And even if it’s only psychological, it works for me.

Start out running into the wind so you can have the wind at your back when you’re tired.

Enter a race. Really. A spring marathon (or whatever your favorite distance may be) is a great motivator for those cold, dark January runs.

Run with a friend. Any takers here? I’m always looking for another morning runner.

Yaktrax. Thanks Talia. I’d really rather not sit out six or eight weeks waiting for my old body to mend after another fall on the ice.

And last but not least, promise yourself a reward when you get home. A hot drink. A long steamy shower. Something you can focus on to take your mind off the cold wind and your dripping nose.

Anything I missed, pals? Feel free to add onto my list with your own remedies for cold weather running. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Bad Weather?

  1. I particularly enjoy running in the dark and it’s important to note how important it is to have reflective gear on when doing so. This time of year…snow…christmas lights and music while running makes a person all warm and fuzzy inside!

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  2. Even though I’m temporarily grounded, I too am at least thinking about running in the snow we are sure to get here tomorrow, in Idaho. Love to run in the fresh, light, fluffy white stuff! I am not a person who likes to run with a cell phone, but when conditions are wicked, I find a way to carry it with me, just in case I crash and burn. Problem is, at a certain temp, the damn iPhone dies. So I try to find a way to carry it near my body. Maybe somebody else has a better idea. You go, girl…


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