Merry Merry

Apparently Christmas is coming. I know this because I keep seeing lists of gifts for the runners in my life.

Know what your runner wants for Christmas? Click here to find out.


(Don’t click. It’s an ad.)

In the name of blog research, I clicked for you. I really wanted to see what I want for Christmas. Especially since my list so far includes…a book? Maybe?

But I digress. I clicked. (You’re welcome.) And I learned. Running is expensive. Runners have expensive tastes. And runners like shiny, new, glow-in-the-dark gear and accessories.


Don’t click.

I’ve been a runner for…a lot of years. And somehow I’ve managed all this time without a reflective headband. Or glow in the dark socks. Or a light to clip onto Ax’s collar. Weird, I know.

So…Christmas gifts for the runner in your life?

Run with her. This absolutely tops this runner’s list. Promise a run with your mum during your next trip home. And please, please, please keep that promise.

Cheer for her. If you can’t imagine running even a block with the runner in your life, make a sign and hang out at her next race. It may well be the high point in her run.

Or if you absolutely have to spend money on her…

Enter her in a race close to you. That way she can see you AND run. Score. This looks like fun. Or this.

But remember… She’s not just a runner. She’s also your mum or your wife or your sister or something… Maybe she’d just like some nice lotion.

Merry Christmas pals.present


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