Tradition Tradition

We all have traditions associated with this time of the year. Sometimes old traditions fade away and sometimes new traditions come along. It’s all good.

We open our gifts Christmas Eve… We feast on bagels and lox Christmas morning… And our newest addition… We enjoy our annual Christmas light run.


Last night Phil and I drove out to Carthage to enjoy their annual Run Through the Lights. We didn’t get to run through just the ordinary lights you see around town, we ran through the Way of Salvation lights put up every year by the Congregation of the Mother Co-Redemptrix. Beautiful!!!

And not only was it a lovely night run:

running tree
Hard to take good pictures when you’re running.

I had one of my best runs of the year. Just over four miles at a faster pace than I’ve run in ages. 8:45. Not fast if you’re a speedy Gonzales. But for an old broad? I’m happy with those numbers.

We started here:


Then ran through the lights, up a couple of hills, around the town square and back again.

A few snow flakes splatted against my face about half way through the course. Maybe six. grin.

When we were done, hot chocolate and cookies were waiting to be enjoyed.

before 2

Merry Christmas, pals.





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