Pooch to 5k

Over the years I’ve spent considerable time debating which dog breed is best for a running companion. I’ve searched websites. Read articles. Debated with friends.

I’ve considered the merits of dogs that can run all day vs those that are happier with shorter, faster bursts. Obedient dogs vs independent dogs. Friendly dogs vs protective dogs. Warm weather dogs vs cold weather dogs.

Labs. Setters. Poodles. Small dogs like Jack Russells. Even Rhodesian Ridgebacks (in case you’re worried about being attacked by lions).

Never once in all those lists have I seen doxies listed. Imagine that.

running smile

But Ax loves to run, just look at that smile. And that isn’t even the year he won the grand prize.

And we have talked about Catra Corbett’s TruMan before, right?

So imagine my delight when I came across a training plan for a runner and her four-legged friend. Pooch to 5k. Seriously.

In addition to just being pure grade A fun, I think this will be good motivation to get outside during the rest of the winter. Instead of running alone in the dark, I’ll run with my little pal at lunchtime on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. (Or alternate days if the weather is truly crummy.)

Then I’ll look for a dog friendly 5k and we’ll see what happens. Just living the dream over here, pals. Hope you are too.





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