I don’t know if you saw our news just after Christmas, but historic flooding washed away much of Missouri. Our favorite local trail was under water for a week and the cleanup has now been underway for twice that long.

Saturday, in an effort to satisfy my curiosity, we headed out of town to see if the trail was passable again.

It was.

If a little more challenging than last time we ran it.

It didn’t look too different from the top of the bridge, maybe the water was a little higher and faster than usual.

from the bridge

But as we made our way along the trail, we did meet a few obstacles.

phil number 1

me number 1

me number 2

phil number 2

end of trail

Had to go around that last one. Actually.

Fun, fun morning run. And I only have one thing to add.

THANK YOU. To all the volunteers who’ve been out clearing trash and running chainsaws. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



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