Ok. So can we just call the next week or two an intermission? Take a little break? It’s cold and slippery and dark and that’s just not my favorite running combination.

Instead of trying to run and hurting myself, I think I’ll just concentrate for a bit on core training, eating smart, and READING. One of the best tools I’ve found for increasing my running motivation is to lose myself in a good book.

One of my old standbys is Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run.

born to run

I love the adventure. The trip to Mexico to find the elusive Tarahumara. The characters. The running ideas. But most of all, I love the dream I usually have after I finish reading. It’s a recurring dream that I just can’t have often enough…

I dream that I can run and run and run without ever tiring. I lace up my old Brooks and hit the trails. Run over mountains. Through forests. Across bridges. Up and down and around for hours and days and never, ever collapse.

Last time I read it, I even went out and bought some chia seeds and tried the Chia Fresca recipe McDougall describes in the book. (It’s amazing what Google can find for you.) So not yum. Not tasty. Slimy and very weird to drink.

But there you have it, pals, my plans for this wintery weekend. Curl up with a good book so I’m ready to hit the pavement again as soon as it defrosts.

Stay warm out there.

Edited to add:

Ok. The sunshine at lunch time persuaded me to head outside. Ax and I did the last workout of the first week of our Pooch to 5k training. He’s still not very enthusiastic, but we’re working on it.

Now….enjoy your weekend.


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