SLS3 Run Belt + Giveaway

A package arrived in the mail the other day…an SLS3 Dual Pocket Run belt.

run belt

A pretty little black and purple belt with two pockets to carry your gear. My assignment was to try it out. See what I think. And tell you all my conclusions.

(Disclaimer: I was given the run belt for review purposes. I did not receive any other compensation.)

Saturday, as you know, is long run day for me and Phil so I decided to try the belt out while we did our usual six miles (ok 6 1/2 miles) around Shoal Creek. I’ll admit that I was skeptical. I’ve tried several run belts in the past and didn’t like any of them until Phil gave me a flip belt which I’ve loved.

Usually I find that they don’t stay in place, and I spend too much time and energy wiggling them around back to where they’re comfortable. Or where I’m comfortable. Or something.

The SLS3, however, is made of lovely wide adjustable elastic and is easy to adjust to fit properly. You can make it smaller so it will ride around your waist. Or, if you’re me, you can make it a little wider and wear it down around your hips. Whichever you find more comfortable. It will stay where you put it.

climbing over

The only time the belt moved was when I was clambering over this roadblock. Not too bad, eh?

The pockets are nice and big. One held my phone. And I’ve been assured it’s plenty big enough to hold an iPhone, if that’s what you use. My little Moto fit easily with room left over. I used the second pocket to hold my running snacks – I didn’t NEED them to do six miles, but I wanted to see if my baggie of dates would be too lumpy to fit. No problem.

Clearly, the belt would easily hold gels or jelly beans or whatever your fuel of choice happens to be. There was more than enough room for my keys and a couple of dollars.

The pockets are waterproof so whatever you’re carrying won’t be soaked if it’s raining or if you’re just working very, very hard and sweating like a son of a gun.

My only concern is that the zippers are quite small and may not hold up to the continual wear that a running belt incurs. But I could be wrong. They haven’t given me any grief so far. Maybe they’ll last forever.

Want to try one of these bad boys yourself?  SLS3 is offering a free Dual Pocket Run Belt to a lucky runner/reader of my blog.  Just enter using the Rafflecopter below!  If you don’t win the giveaway, the belt is currently on crazy-sale via Amazon ($12.90, 57% off the regular price of $29.90!).  Buy it HERE.

Or click the link below to go to the giveaway page. Good luck, pals.

Win one here

Sorry, the raffle’s over. But feel free to go look them up on Amazon.


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