Friday Five

Happy Friday pals. Have your weekend running plans all organized? Me? Usual long run on Saturday. Sunday morning run just for fun. Nothing new or exciting to report. So…let’s do something new… My first, and possibly only, Friday Five.

Today it’s five things I love about running. Surprise!!!

Being outside. Growing up I spent hours and hours and hours entertaining myself in the woods and fields behind the house. Now I spend hours and hours and hours playing in the woods and trails. Wonderful.

me overlook
Who wouldn’t want to spend a day here?

Playing with others. Runners are, almost without exception, the most generous, helpful, kind people I know. I’ve seen runners stop during races to help, advise, and rescue others who were having trouble on the trail. I’ve known runners who would share their last Gu with you on a long trail run. And they’re always happy to listen to your running stories and share their own over a drink later. I truly enjoy spending time with these people.

Facing new challenges. Whether it’s running farther, running faster, or running smarter, there are always new possibilities to explore and new goals to reach. And reaching them? Wonderful. That feeling of achievement that lets me know I’m still learning and growing and changing.

Seeing the world at a snail’s pace. I’m not fast. I’ve accepted that. But even if I was, running through town or along a trail gives me so much more time to see the world. I notice details that are impossible to see from the car. Sunrises and sunsets. Moon rises. Falling stars. Blooming flowers. We live in a wonderful world and running lets me experience its beauty.

Would I see this beautiful fellow from the car window? 

Running away. One of the very best things about running is that it lets me run away…from my worries…from my issues…and run toward peace…hopefulness…tranquility. If I’m feeling miserable (grouchy, depressed, whatever) when I leave the house, I often find that I leave those feelings behind on the street. I come home happier, more content, and a much nicer person to live with. Just ask Phil.

Other things? I love seeing new places by foot. I love exploring new trails. I love the clean, empty feeling I have when I come home from a hard run knowing I’ve killed it.

Clearly it’s hard to limit myself to only five things. Anything you’d like to add? Feel free. And enjoy your weekend, pals. Ciao.


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