In Celebration of Negative Splits

Negative splits. Beautiful things. Usually only considered when racing, but after my run this morning, I’d like a little pat on my back.

Of course my friend Mother Nature helped. Lovely, lovely Mother Nature.

I have to admit, however, that wasn’t my first thought this morning. It was dark. It was cloudy. More than cloudy, it was raining. And the wind was gusting out of the south.

Wait. What is a negative split, you ask?

That’s when you run the second half of your race (or in today’s case, your run) faster than the first half. Technically, each mile should be a little faster than the previous one. Technically, shmechnically. I’ll take it.

Of course it was all because of the wind. I started out into the wind – smart. And when I turned around to head home…the wind was at my back. Not only was it not slowing me down, sometimes the gusts were strong enough to speed me along. Hurrah.

Makes me want to head out again tomorrow.

On a less happy note, I still haven’t been able to see five of the planets aligned. That’s supposed to be a thing right now and for the last several weeks every one of my early runs have been too cloudy to see anything in the sky.

scudding moon
This is as much as I’ve seen of the night sky in WEEKS.

Eighty minutes before sunrise. If sunrise is at 7:18 Thursday morning. Then 80 minutes earlier is….5:58 a.m. And yes, I’m outside well before then. Looking and hoping and so far not seeing anything. Phooey.

planets aligned
Should look like this…only without the helpful labels.

Keep your fingers crossed, pals. I’ll try again on Thursday.


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