Recovery Week

I don’t know if I’ve told you all, but Phil and I are planning to run a St. Patrick’s Day 15k. The shirt was irresistible AND I won a pair of tattoo sleeves by registering at just the right time.



Yes, there WILL be green beer afterwards. Want to join us for a little Irish party?

Of course, registering for any run increases my (and probably your) motivation exponentially. I’ve been running steadily, working away to increase my stamina and improve my time. No surprise there. I even found a 6-week 10-mile training plan that I’ve customized a bit to suit my running preferences.

Last week I put in 25+ miles and felt really good. Except during our Saturday long run. My legs were lead. I was drooping.

Imagine my surprise and joy when I checked the plan for this week and discovered it’s an easy week for recovery. I find it’s too easy to neglect these weeks. I get so focused on improving and increasing that I’m afraid to take a week off. Even to just slow down for a week.

How much fitness will I lose? That’s always the question.

And the answer… Not enough to deny myself the recovery that I need.

So this week, while I’ll still get out and put in a few easy miles, I’ll focus on eating well, sleeping lots, and maybe walking the dog if this ferocious wind slows down a bit.

Then we’ll see what happens. Yay.

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