National Margarita Day

Morning Pals.

Here it is Monday and I’m already reminiscing about the great long run Phil and I had on Saturday. Sorry. No pix. But a brief recap.

Late afternoon run. 5 p.m. 70-odd degrees. Frisco Greenway Trail. 7 1/2 miles of run and run and run. One of those lovely, easy, could-have-run-another-loop runs. Of course it was feeling so good that I chose to ignore my right foot when it began hurting. (Apparently it’s time for new trail shoes.)

So I spent Sunday moping around wishing I could go out and repeat the experience but knowing that resisting the urge would serve me better in the long run. (Ha.)

Today’s my regular rest day. Tomorrow I’ll go out in the morning to see how it feels. Wish me luck.

But…. and here’s the point of today’s blog… Today is National Margarita Day. Really.

Why are we working today? Why???

A few years ago, after much trial and error, my sister Donna and I perfected our personal margarita recipe.

margarita recipe

This was serious research, friends. Undertaken one hot summer afternoon. The results have been tested and proven and tested and proven and tested and proven.

Just doing our bit for the betterment of mankind. Womankind. Runnerkind.

day 4b

Salud, amigos.


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