Friday Five

This morning as I was debating what five exciting running gadgets? snacks? tips and tricks? to discuss, I happened to glance at my calendar. (Yes, I’m old school. I have an actual paper calendar hanging on the wall behind my desk.) And I saw that Monday is… are you ready?

Leap Day.

So today I give you Five Ways to Celebrate Leap Day.

1. Try parkour. Doesn’t this look like the most fun you can have without breaking the law??? Run. Jump over obstacles. Climb walls. Channel your inner Spiderman and leap over a wall on Leap Day.

2. Do 29 sets of your favorite calisthenics. 29 burpees. 29 squats. 29 planks. Hold 29 planks for 29 seconds. Does anyone actually LIKE doing calisthenics? If you do, tell me your secret. Please.

3. Try something new. Experiment with a barre or crossfit class on Leap Day. Then you can either adopt it wholeheartedly if it’s wonderful or abandon it immediately if it’s not a success.  You don’t HAVE to make any big commitments on Leap Day.

4. Or, since Leap Day only comes every four years, think of it as a super quadrennial New Year’s Day. Take the opportunity to make one more resolution. Enter one more race into your plan for the year. Or be brave and make a four-year plan. Just be sure to check in four years and see how you’ve done.

5. Run 29 miles. 29 kilometers. 29 minutes. 29 somethings. You knew this was coming. And I like to save the best for last. Although Monday is usually a rest day for me if the sun is shining, I might just head out for a little Leap Day fun after work.

Just get out there and have some Leap Day fun.




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