The First Thing

So…you decide to celebrate the summer solstice (in four months) with a lovely long run. You start to make plans. You design a VERY healthy diet. You promise yourself enough actual sleep at night. And…

The first thing you do? You hurt your @#%*!!! foot.

One lapse of judgement and you find yourself hobbling. Not running.

Ha! Not even walking.


So today maybe I’ll break down and call the doctor. (Of course I know what she’ll say – No running.)

I’ll take a few Aleve.

But first, I’ll curl up in a sad little ball and pout.

I’ll admit I did try this morning. Went out for an easy jog, just to see. And I saw all right.

I saw magnolia trees and Bradford pears blooming. I heard mourning doves cooing. I saw spring.

magnolias 1

Then I staggered home and poured myself a big old cup of feeling sorry for myself.

So just for today, I’m changing my name. No more Old Broad Running. Now I’m Sad Broad Not Running. sigh.


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