Well That was Embarrassing

I gave in on Friday – actually took my poor old foot off to see the doctor.

We spent Thursday evening walking – to dinner and then downtown for the first Third Thursday of 2016. And from almost the first step out the door, I just couldn’t keep up. My foot didn’t hurt (much), but I hobbled along, gimpy and lame.

Very sad.

So Friday after work I took my own best advice and went to urgent care for an x-ray.

After four weeks of limping around I was pretty sure I had a stress fracture. Laying around with my foot up hadn’t really helped. (Of course I was still walking the dog, heading downtown on foot, and enjoying my usual mile or two most days.)

Happily, urgent care wasn’t busy so I was in the lab with my foot under the x-ray machine in less than an hour. And the nice doctor? Managed not to laugh at me.

It’s sprained. That’s all. And if you’d just stop using it, it would heal. (That’s at least the gist of what she said.)

I limped back out to my car with an ugly “shoe” to wear that’ll let me walk  without bending my foot at the toe. Not really NORMAL walking.

Just another elegant footwear option.

At least Saturday, when I’ll try a short gentle jog on one of the local trails, is supposed to be sunny and warm. Should be a perfect day to try, try, try again.


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