Friday Five

So… tomorrow… when I head out for my “run” it will have been five weeks since the last time I laced up my shoes and hit the trail.



Hopefully I’ve learned a few things while I’ve been hobbling around feeling sorry for myself. More specifically, hopefully I’ve learned five things. And they are:

1. See a REAL doctor when you hurt yourself. Don’t procrastinate. I know you hate to go. Hate to sit in the waiting room. Hate to explain what silly thing you were doing to cause the injury. Hate. Hate. Hate waiting. But better to wait in a chair in the office for an hour than wait five weeks until you can run again.

2. Walking isn’t so bad. I say I’m going “running” because I’m planning to walk. A lot. Possibly more than I run. I’m taking this sucker for a test drive and I’m going to tread carefully while I check it out.

3. Mum was right. Patience IS a virtue.

4. I’m more than just a runner. Which is a darned good thing. Often I only self-identify as a runner. A new acquaintance recently asked what I do for fun. The answer? Run. Obviously. Read about running. Write about running. Talk about running. Plan my next run. This time off has given me a little time to consider possible alternatives, and to realize that maybe I should be a little more … ummmm … well-rounded? Maybe. So in addition to being a runner, I’m a reader. A writer. A woman. A wife. A mother. A sister. An auntie. A dog lover. A knitter even. And there are many, many activities I can enjoy in addition to running that help me enjoy all of these roles. (I have read a couple of interesting running books while I’ve been down so maybe there will be a review or two in the near future.)

5. And finally, Phil is a saint. I’ve been moaning and groaning and generally bellyaching. Especially when HE gets to go out for a run. And he’s been nothing but sympathetic and helpful. Not even one little, “I told you so.

saint phil


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