Friday…and I’m in Love

I’ve never bought used shoes before. Never. Ever.

Wouldn’t have even DREAMED of buying used shoes. The whole idea just icks me out.

But a two (I think) weeks ago Gareth*** posted a blog about his “new” shoes. Bought on ebay. And it seemed like a smart scheme. Buy “slightly used” shoes. Clean them up and disinfect them. And then try them out.

Get your hands on trial shoes for less than retail. Cha ching.

I did a little research. Looked like Saucony Triumph ISOs were what I was looking for. A good neutral shoe with lovely cushioning and great reviews. So I took the plunge.

Aren’t they beautiful?

I’ve run with them twice this week and so far I have to say I am in love.

The only drawback I’ve found is that they’re not as fast as lighter, less cushioned shoes. But since right now I’m currently focusing more on taking good care of my feet, these are definitely the shoes for me.

***Check out Gareth’s blog. Seriously lovely scenery pix and fun reading: Blue Green Gold Grey, Awyr Maes Tywod Aarreg


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