On Running and Thinking

If you’ve been keeping me company for a while, you probably know that I’m not really a contemplative runner. I’m more of a … count my footsteps or my breaths runner. I don’t think deep thoughts while I’m out on the trails.

Matter of fact, I might even consider myself (dare I say it) yogic. I empty my mind and simply run.

I like to watch the traffic and the other runners and listen to the birds and the tree frogs and just enjoy the morning.

So Sunday morning when I headed out I had no reason not to expect the same thing. Easy, meditative run.


That, however, was not to be the case. Surprise!!!

I may have had one or two small issues that needed consideration and I actually spent my hour running AND considering. Running AND thinking. Weird. Different. Kind of nice.

By the time I turned and headed home, I had answers to a couple of questions and decisions about my issues. (We might talk about that another day. We’ll see.)

apr 2016


Look at me…questions answered and happy to be back home.

Isn’t life a kick, pals? Get out there. Try something new. Why not, eh?


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