Walnut Bottoms Revisited

So just a little over a year later, I returned to Walnut Bottoms. Do you remember? Pi Day? March 2015? I drove out to Carthage, MO on a Saturday morning when Phil was working and spent an hour helping to make the trails.

the finish

This time Phil and I drove out to the trail after work (I had spent the day at a bank in Carthage) and spent our own hour playing on the trails. Some places they were a little hard to find.


But we persevered. Never did land on our faces either, although we may have come pretty close a time or two.

Phil saw a deer, but I was concentrating much too hard on not falling to see anything more than sticks and weeds.


Tell me again how I’m crazy to love trail running. Ha.


Happy Friday pals. Get out an enjoy spring this weekend. I know I will.


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