Friday Five

Just a little heads up, pals. This might be the last Friday Five I write for a little while. Not that I’m quitting running or writing or even talking about running, but that we’re in the process of moving and I’m not quite sure where I’ll be when the next list is due.



Yep. Back to Canada to be closer to the fam. Yippee.

Although also sad. There are many, many people and things I’ll miss here in the States. Of course my friends absolutely top that list.

And so today’s Friday Five is dedicated to the things that I’ve enjoyed about running in Joplin, MO. Let’s plunge in….in no particular order…

Shoal Creek. The trail around this creek is where Phil and I have done most of our trail running. It’s only minutes away from home and is beautiful and challenging enough to keep it interesting. I’m pretty sure we’ll find more trails up north, but we’ve really enjoyed this one.


The drivers. I know that as runners we often complain about the drivers we encounter, but here I’ve found them to be courteous and helpful. Whenever possible, they move over into another lane to give me space when I’m running on the side of the road. I’ve had helpful drivers stop and offer me rides and help when I’ve fallen. Here they are a credit to the driving community. grin.

The weather. Obviously. Spring in February. Winter not really till after Christmas. There isn’t much of a down season for runners here. And it’s been WONDERFUL. Next year I might have to invest in more winter running gear. Ha. Might. Ha again.

The running community. Vibrant. Welcoming. Enthusiastic. That’s how I’ve found my fellow runners to be here. Of course I know that describes runners everywhere. So whether we’re here or in Canada getting to know other runners is always a win.

runners at the start
Look at all those friendly runners. Love this community.

And finally, Main Street. I’ve run down Main Street when it’s deserted and when it’s crowded. I’ve enjoyed parades and races and greetings on the three-mile stretch I regularly include in my routes.

duncan hines
Have to love a restaurant on Main Street that’s recommended by DUNCAN HINES. Cool.

Hope you have fun running plans for the weekend, pals. Get out there and enjoy spring running. Hurrah.



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