Weekend Recap

Had a lovely fun weekend full of running, pals. Hope you all did too.

Started out in Marionville at the Running of the Squirrels. Met my friend and her daughter there and had such a fun time. Even though we didn’t see even one darned squirrel. Phooey.

running of the squirrels
I’m not usually the TALLEST person in the picture.

When was the last time I ran a 5K? Anybody remember? I don’t. The last shorter run I’ve done was the four-mile Run through the Lights last December.

It was a perfect Saturday morning for a run … 60-ish degrees and a surprisingly flat course. Since this was my first 5k of the year, I took it pretty easy and finished in 29:02. Good enough for second in my age range. And not a bad bar to set in my year of trying to get a little faster.

(Funny thing, I just remembered that was one of my running resolutions.)

So I’ll start working on getting faster and we’ll see what happens maybe a couple of times during the year. I’ll look for a September run and another one in December. Maybe. grin.

Then on Sunday morning Ax and I headed out to Shoal Creek for a little self-directed 5K.


We took it pretty easy. Stopped for plenty of sniff breaks and to visit (briefly) with other walkers and hikers and runners. Another perfect morning to get outside and play.

Hope your weekend was just as much fun. Let’s do it again real soon.


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