According to Oscar Wilde, consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative, the hobgoblin of little minds, an attribute to be avoided.

To runners, though, consistency is the building block of success. You simply have to get out there mile after mile after mile day after day after day. That’s what it takes.

What I’m finding since we moved is that it’s VERY DIFFICULT to rebuild my routines. Moving wrecked my schedule. The flu wrecked my drive. And now I’m once again starting down the long road to running.

Except…let’s talk about the rain. We’ve been here in Canada for a month (almost). During that time we’ve had 423 days of rain. Seriously. Communities north and west of us are flooding and evacuating. People are kayaking downtown. We’re starting the ark tomorrow.

Depending on who you ask, we’ve had six or seven or eight inches of rain this week. And it’s only Thursday. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

So where does that leave me? Tying on my shoes tomorrow morning and heading out. Period. Full stop. And I’m writing it here so you all will hold me accountable.

I’ll let you know what happens.

shoes 3
My shoes miss me.

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