(Not) Friday Five

Ok. Friday came and went. It’s Sunday evening now. But I really, really, really wanted to do my five. So we’ll just relax and not worry about what day it is in the real world.

Thursday I asked you all to keep me accountable for my run on Friday. And it worked.


Not steep but long. Two miles of gradual incline. Fun.

Since that worked so well for motivation, I thought I’d add a few more of my old tricks for getting out there when I’m feeling like a lazy schmuck.

1.Get dressed. It’s amazing what happens once you have your favorite shorts and shoes on.

2. Sign up for a race. This always works for me. Gotta train. Can’t bonk.

3. Buy something new. If you have time to get to the store (or Amazon) and you’re having long-term difficulty running, shopping works. Have to justify the $$$.

4. Run with a friend. Can’t bail if someone’s waiting for you at the trailhead.

5. Tell 238 of your closest friends that you’re going to run. Ask them to check up on you. Make it public. (It works.)

Obviously there are many, many  more mind games you can play with yourself to get your run conquered.

6. Go first thing in the morning. Don’t think. Just run.

7. Try a new route. But try not to get lost.

8. Read a running book. Pick one of your old faves or try something new. Whatever works for you.

9. Watch a running movie. Same deal…Get inspired.

10. Buy a dog. Preferable a border collie or a lab that needs lots of exercise or it will destroy your house.

11. Promise yourself a reward. I’ll talk about my most recent reward next time. Maybe.

12. Or…as a very last resort…take a break. It’s ok. Maybe you’ve been working too hard. Be kind to yourself. Remember that if you’re really, really tired (or sick), rest can be a very good thing.

Anything you want to add to the list, pals? I’m always happy to learn new tricks.


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