Reward Time

So Number 11 on my list of motivators last time I posted was Promise Yourself a Reward. And I did. And I enjoyed it. And today I think I’ll take a few minutes to remember and enjoy it all over again.

I may have a one-track mind, but my reward (for running) was to go running again. Does that work for you?

I promised myself that I’d find a new trail to explore if I made it out and ran when I didn’t really want to, whatever day that was.

And did we ever.

Come on it.

Isn’t it lovely. We drove south and east (of course Phil tracked down a trail BEFORE we hopped in the car) and ended up at O’Brien Provincial Park. It was all lovely and green and welcoming.

And crowded.

Who knew speedboats were racing up and down the Wapiti River that same afternoon? Not these runners.

Loud. Buzzy. Very, very fast.

The trail did get a little messy about 30 minutes in. Considering the 100 mm of rain that had been in the area the last couple of weeks I was glad we weren’t up to our knees the whole time we were out.

In an effort to avoid destroying the trail (and our shoes) completely, we turned around then and headed back to the car. A quick shower. Lunch with our girls. And it was the perfect reward for doing what had to be done.


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