Slo-Mo Training

Well today’s run was an interesting experiment. I was supposed to choose a not-too-steep hill and do hill repeats. Run up. Walk down. Run up. Walk down. Repeat. We’ve all done that and we know it’s good for us, right?

So I did. Ran up and walked down the same 1/10th of a mile 15 times. (Maybe it was longer than 1/10th, I didn’t bother to actually MEASURE it.)

But I found that every time I went up and down, I saw something different. I took the time to get very familiar with that little stretch of dirt.

I started out looking at the clouds. Some days I think runners are a lot like farmers. Always looking at the sky. Wondering if it will rain or if it will hold off until I’ve done what I need to do.

clouds 1

And I looked at the side of the road. And saw:


Lovely dark purple alfalfa.




And…wild strawberries. Of course I took a small strawberry break. If God wants to give me running snacks, I will eat them.

By the time I was done my repeats the sky was looking a little more threatening.


And I had really enjoyed taking my time on these slow repeats. I definitely see more of these dawdling runs in my future.


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