Stay Safe Out There

With the recent discovery of miles and miles and miles of trails just north of home…

Look at all the options for exploring.

And my brother-in-law’s creating of trails on their property. (Thanks Renzo.) I’m now looking forward to many more trail runs and fewer road runs. Of course time spent on the trail sometimes makes me a little nervous. Still. Who knows what bears and moose and mosquitoes are lurking?

So today let’s talk about staying safe out there.

Number one on my list – especially since my personal super power is getting lost – is to know where I’m going and to tell someone. If you’re on a new-to-you route, take a map or use your GPS. Even if you’re running an old familiar route, tell someone where you’re heading and when you expect to be back. Just in case.

And bring your cell phone. Again, just in case. Mine fits very neatly into my flipbelt so I hardly even know it’s there.

Next…make noise. Your average wild animal has absolutely no desire to meet you on the trail so talking, singing, wearing little bells, whatever, will warn them that you’re coming and give them time to get out of the way.

If Phil was a bear, he’d be hurrying to get out of the way. I hope.

Carry a little pack with extra water, a few snacks, even a hat or running jacket. When you’re running trails, especially at higher elevations, the weather can change in a hurry. And hypothermia is just not your friend.

And last, at least for today, pay attention. It’s easy to get distracted by the scenery or by fatigue and that’s when problems happen. You fall. (Really? Me? hahaha. Ask Phil.) You wander off the trail and get lost. So take a break if you need one. Stop and enjoy the scenery. And pay attention to the trail you’re on.

Stay safe out there pals. And have fun.

Oh…and…bonus link… What about bears? Really? Just be smart.


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