Trail Running Camp

Ok. Last post I did my homework. What to do if you meet a bear. A cougar? Just say your prayers. But otherwise…Stay safe out there.

And WHY was I so focused on trail safety? Because I was lucky enough to spend last week in Canmore, AB with my younger sister. Oh joy. Centre of trail running bliss. My brilliant plan was to conduct a DIY trail running camp. And I did want to come home alive, right?

Friday afternoon we drove south to the mountains. Saturday morning I got up to do my first run. And I encountered my first fierce beast of the week…

bear statue
He looks a little weatherworn maybe?


And they only got scarier after that…

Who knew I’d see the MOST wildlife of our trip when we were halfway home?


I did have the chance to run hills and trails and ford streams and cool my sweaty self off in the Bow River. Nothing but fun. Next? Find a trail race to train for. That’s living the dream.

How about the Death Race? Looks like fun to me.


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