Friday Five

I just wanted to share a few thoughts about my trail running camp in Canmore. Five maybe?

1. Always start your run going UP. When running an out-and-back on an unfamiliar trail in the mountains, it’s easiest to find your way home again if you only have to run back down.

first canmore view

2. Keep your eyes open. You never know when God might be willing to supply snacks for your run. Yum.


Or you might come across a sign warning you of what? Fire falling from heaven? Beware.

falling fire

3. Be smart about your nutrition. We ate wonderfully in Canmore. The meals were the second best thing about the whole week. Of COURSE the runs were the very best thing. We enjoyed venison and elk and duck and lamb and peanut butter mousse with chocolate ganache and many more treats too wonderful to list.

4. Get adequate rest. Hahaha. We worked in the mornings and left our afternoons free for reading and napping and knitting and whatever struck our fancy. I was more rested after this week than after any vacation ever. In my whole life.

I ran whenever I felt like it – what a perfect arrangement. Morning run? Sure. If it’s not raining. Later in the day? Works for me. Just be sure you’re running when the sun shines. That left PLENTY of time for resting.

5. And finally… Be sure to enjoy the diversions that come your way. I forded streams, ducked under spruce trees to avoid the downpours, and threaded my way through throngs of camera-wielding tourists. I trotted along a boardwalk through Larch Park. And ended my days in the hot tub. Bliss. Pure bliss.

My camera went insane briefly – would only take selfies. So here’s me trying to get out of the way to get a picture of the Bow River.

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