Crazy Runner Badge

Hello again. Still here. Still busy. But missing my bi-weekly running chat. So…

We did know what we were getting into. Really. We knew that when we moved 2,000 miles north we would once again have to deal with winter. Cold. Snow. But manageable. Right?


But in October?

Running is great in Slave Lake. There are paved trails around town for quick morning jaunts and unpaved trails around the lake. (Lesser Slave Lake. If you’re curious.) As of the beginning of the month, cold and dark is the name of the game, and I’m in.

Of course the snow made me think of Christmas, and I think this year my list will be very, very easy. WARM RUNNING GEAR. Please. Smartwool socks. Mittens. Gloves. Hats. If you think it will make my runs less polar, it’s perfect.

One real highlight of my early morning runs is zipping past the local gym. Big windows open onto the sidewalk and I cruise by waving at the runners and walkers on the treadmills. Yes, running is running is running. But really? I won’t rule it out altogether, but at the same time I won’t give in to the temptation to take to the ‘mill this early in the season. There are many colder mornings to come.

Clearly this is the place to earn my crazy runner badge.




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