Happy Early Birthday

Ok. It wasn’t really my birthday. Isn’t for another month, but still and all, it FELT like an early birthday present from Mother Nature.

Ten degrees celsius (about 50 fahrenheit). Saturday afternoon. Chores done. Errands run. What else might be on my list?


Trail run. Surprise.

So shoes on. Out to the lake. Ready. Set. Enjoy.

When we hit a fork in the trail, we decided to head toward the beach.


I wonder why.

And discovered that we were not alone.


Something had been there before us. grin.

The lake, if you’re wondering, is Lesser Slave Lake. Great for running. In most places the sand was damp and well packed. And where it wasn’t, it was VERY GOOD for strength building.


Other kinds of building too.


Had to bend down to see the view from between these weather-beaten roots. It was worth it.

Heading back to the trail we saw one last sign of other trail users.


Luckily the berries, and thus the bears, were long gone.

Had to take advantage of a surprisingly warm day in November. And hope for another next weekend. And next. And next. And next.


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