Friday Five

Remembrance Day Edition


Five reasons to run on Remembrance Day:

1. Time. Lots and lots of time. We had a nice ceremony and visit with two veterans at school yesterday afternoon since today was a free day. Loved hearing the kids’ questions and the vets’ answers. And today I was more than happy to take advantage of the afternoon to go play at the lake. Again.

2. Weather. Really. 10 degrees C. About 50 f. Perfect day for a fall run. This is amazingly warm for this late in the season this far north so I’m taking all the advantage I can. Whenever. Wherever. I’m all about tying on my shoes.

3. The lake. No explanation needed here I’m sure.

We did take a brief intermission at the beach.

4. Leonard Cohen. RIP. Sang with his “Hallelujah” echoing through my head.

5. And finally, interesting rock graffiti. Anyone want to translate this for me?


The best news, pals? It’s only Friday and a four-day weekend. See you on the trails.


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