To Run or Not to Run

What an appalling question.

It should never arise. It should never be an issue. Except…

I’ve been sick. A very contagious blurg has been decimating the school. Students. Teachers. Aides. Everybody. Last week I broke down and went to the walk-in clinic where the lovely nurse practitioner wrote me a scrip for antibiotics.


It’s nice to not hurt when I breathe. It’s nice to be horizontal when I’m sleeping.

But now it’s been a week since I tied on the old sneakers, and I’m healthy enough to start twitching. But am I healthy enough to run? There may still be a little rattle in my chest when I cough. And, ok, I am still coughing a little. But seriously…

If my favourite doc happens to be reading this, I’d accept some free medical advice. I even usually follow it. grin.

Oddly enough, I don’t want to post a picture of me in my jammies with a red nose and crazy hair. So here’s what it might look like if I had gone for a run after school today.

Winter may have decided to come back. Surprise.

So back to where we began… To run or not to run. Polls close at midnight on this important issue. Let your voice be heard.



5 thoughts on “To Run or Not to Run

  1. quick way to see whether you should run while ill,
    if you’re sick from the neck up – go ahead
    if you’re sick from the neck down (ie chest) – wait til you’re better


  2. Serious bummer; I feel your pain but for different reasons. I haven’t been able to run for two months due to a hip thing, so I got on an elliptical machine for the first time tonight. The guy said, “It’s just like running.” No, it’s not. It’s weird. It may make me feel a little better eventually. But no, it’s definitely not running. Never have I missed it more than now! Heal up and get out there, girl! You’re running for both of us, but don’t do it until you get your strength back. And Happy Thanksgiving!


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