Panic Time

My first mistake was to look at the calendar. Did you know there are exactly TWO WEEKS till Christmas???

Yikes. So not ready.

So I did what any sensible runner would do – tied on my shoes and headed out for an easy six. When I walked back in the door I checked the calendar to see if it had just been playing with me. But no. There are really and truly on 14 days till C Day.


And you, my friends, have been left hanging. No lists of presents for runners. No suggestions. No ideas. My most sincere apologies. I’ll take a few minutes right now to fix that…

Gifts for runners:

  1. Anything warm. Start with a wicking base layer. Long sleeved shirt. Fleece-lined tights. You absolutely cannot get too warm for running in this crazy weather. Or you can go all out and look at the winter running jackets. Hmmm?
  2. Hat. Mittens. One of those funny balaclavas that covers your mouth and nose as well as your ears. Now THAT’S a good idea.
  3. Something funny. My current favourite is a motivation t-shirt.
  4. Real motivation. A spring race to train for.
  5. Or my all-time favourite – a promise to run with me. It’s inexpensive, easy to wrap, and makes any runner dance on out the door. Nothing’s more fun than running with a friend.

That said, pals, I really have to go. Amazon is calling my name. Ciao.


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