Hello 2017

So apparently I survived Christmas. And, as always, the next challenge is New Year’s. Eve and Day.

Eve? I have to avoid temptation. Not too many sweets. Or drinks. Or spicy snacks. Or whatever. Happily since I’m a runner, my “too many” is really quite a few.

Day? I still have to avoid temptation. Here it’s the temptation to make too many resolutions, realistic or unrealistic. Hate to be buried under the weight of them.

Today my motto has been,

“Begin as you mean to go on.”

         Charles Spurgeon

Begin this lovely new year however I want to continue it. And that, pals, has made for a very nice day.

My recipe for the new year? Begin with coffee. Hot. Strong. And with just a splash of milk. Laze on the couch in your jammies until at least one pot has been disappeared. Eat a bagel. Complete with lox and cream cheese if at all possible. Read. Nap. Knit. Then…

Go for a run. (Surprised anyone?)

Today’s run was a slow, slow, slow four miles. At least half of my usual loop was under 7-ish centimetres of snow so regardless of how slowly I trundled along, it was a good workout. It was also about -12 C. So I was bundled as I trundled. And I had a lovely time. It started to snow again as I was finishing and now, looking out the window, I’m very glad I went out when I did.

Rewarded myself with nachos, a warm mug of tea and a new novel. Can it get better than that?

Home again.

Like my new hat? It’s very special. It’s actually a balaclava so I can pull down the mask to cover my mouth and nose when it’s really cold. Brilliant. Even if I have to say so myself.

And even though I felt very brave going out into the January afternoon, I had company at many points along my route. Kids were out sledding, skating, playing in the snow. There was even one hardy couple playing with their Labrador at the dog park.

I love living here.

Have a fabulous 2017, pals. Hope to hear all about it.



2 thoughts on “Hello 2017

  1. May you have a great and injury-free running year! I hope to get back out on the road soon, but we are having record snowfalls here in Idaho, so I am stalling a while longer. Love the Charles Spurgeon quote, thank you. We old broads just gotta keep moving! Thanks for motivating me…

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