So…we all know we should be cross-training. But we also all know that it kind of sucks. (Or is that just me?)

Whenever I’ve attempted to practice this virtue in the past it’s been a major fail. I can’t swim. I don’t own a bike. And I don’t like going to the gym. Those three strikes mean that I pretty much only ever run. And run some more.

Until today. Today I discovered winter cross-training for champions.


I was seriously overdressed. Good to know for next time.

Even Runner’s World says so. Read a little and find that snowshoeing is great for building strength and endurance. So although the town here is very good about keeping my little 4-mile trail cleared and runnable in the winter, I think I’ll be heading north to the lake on weekends for more snowshoeing fun.

Today, in only 90 minutes, we heard birds sing, walked on water, hiked around fallen trees and met friendly skiers on the trail. For our first attempt, it was a complete success. The only question that still remains… Will I be able to walk in the morning?

My new favourite winter footwear.

And I just discovered that there are snowshoe RACES in the winter. See you in the mountains, pals.


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