It’s all about the GEAR

Went out cross-training with friends again this morning. (Read snowshoeing at the lake.) It was a perfect morning for it…3 degrees. No wind. Great company.

Because it was such a lovely warm morning, I chose not to wear my very heavy, very bulky, very waterproof Bogs. I opted instead to wear my lighter, more flexible, and sadly much less waterproof little black boots. Oops. Rookie mistake here.

An hour or so later my feet were sodden. The snow was melting enthusiastically over, under and around my snowshoes and had completely soaked my boots. Ordinarily that would make for a cold, miserable outdoor winter experience. Very, very miserable.


But today I squelched along happily, not minding at all. Why?

These beauties, my friends. Actual real life wool socks. They can get wet. Very, very wet. And still keep your feet warm. Wool. A miracle of nature.

So….go outside. Have fun. But be smart and wear the right gear for the weather.

See you on the trails, pals.


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