Happy B-day Phil

So…I might be one of those people…I like to finish my Christmas shopping by October. (It may not actually happen, but I LIKE to try.) And this year I will be able to finish birthday shopping for Phil at least four months before the actual day. How’s THAT for clever?

The plan? Just a little run in the mountains. Good thing we have some respectable hills here to practice on. And of course he’s decided that he wants to run the full marathon on his big day. There may have been a bit of pressure from a certain runner of your acquaintance.

Of course this means it’s time to move out of winter running (read survival) mode and into actual training. And today’s the day. Day 1. Layers on. Hat on. Shoes on. And let’s go.

Ok. It was snowing so I procrastinated. Waited till the sun came out just after lunch. And had a very nice run. If a little hard because of the fluffy fresh snow on the trail.

See you on the trails, pals.



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