Remember… You read it here first. Wimpervals. My newest variation on intervals, that old standby that you can rely on to work its magic.

Wimpervals, on the other hand.

Yes. It was one of those runs. Came home from school chanting my mantra. “I love to run. I get to run. I can’t wait to run.” Ha. Lies. I was tired and draggy and just wanted to curl up with tea and a good book. But it’s Tuesday and you know what that means. Go for your darned run.

With a maximum of complaining and whining (just ask Phil), I did actually head out. And if it had been +10 outside instead of -10, I would have been seriously tempted to simply lie down by the side of the trail and have a little nap. It was THAT good of a run.

That bench right there. Perfect for a brief nap.

I was tired. My legs were heavy. It took everything I had to just keep moving forward. But, about those wimpervals.

Intervals, as you already know, are short intense efforts followed by equal or slightly longer slower recovery time jogs. If you’re working to increase your speed, intervals are a very good way to go. Run hard, easy, hard, easy, hard easy. And you’ll improve your endurance, speed, form, and coordination.

When you’re running wimpervals, however, you run short bursts (?) of slow interspersed with longer, even slower efforts. Run slow, slower, slow, slower, slow, slower. The question becomes, how slow can you go and still call it “running”?

I don’t actually have an answer for that. It’s completely subjective and depends entirely on your own perspective. Today it was pretty darned slow.

On the bright side, I did do my little loop. I earned my tea. And I’ll sleep well tonight.

See you on the trails, pals.


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