Just a Walk in the Park


This was hands-down the best song on Phil’s running playlist and very appropriate for our day in the mountains. Now…a day later…fed, watered, slept, and even made it through a day at school, here’s my race report in pictures.

(We did theĀ Banff Marathon – In case this hasn’t been at the very top of your list of very important things to remember.)

The sign says “Happy Father’s Day”. Really.

Started strong and not too fast. Felt good. Stopped to let Dad know I was thinking of him. And went trotting along for the first 10 or so km with not a care in the world. Cool. One-fourth done!!!

Here we are at the turn-around. Not dead yet.

More important than the runners…look at the trees. The hills. The scenery. How many ways do you know to say “breath-taking”?

I think I’m still smiling here.

Were there issues? Absolutely. But not until about the 30 or maybe 35 km mark. Stomach troubles, enough said. Cramping calves. Poor old sore toes. The usual woes. Did I want to lie down by the side of the parkway and invite a bear to eat me? Yep. But we persisted. Walked when we had to. Tried not to moan.

Was there wildlife in the mountains? We saw a squirrel. Three deer. Another squirrel. And a prairie dog. (Maybe he was lost.) We did take a brief intermission about 10 km from the finish when park personnel made us wait at an aid station while they shooed a grizzly bear off the highway. We were happy to wait.

We even managed to muster smiles for the nice runner who took our picture.

Of course the hardest part was the loops through town that made up the last 2 km. We would get close to the finish line, listen to the emcee, and run on by. Around and around and around. But..we persevered.

And lived to run another day.

See you on the trails, pals.


Just a Little Early

When I was a kid, all I wanted was a summer birthday. My sisters – both lucky. Judy celebrated on May 11 and Donna on June 1. Me? Not till December. For years I begged Mum and Dad for a bike for my present, but bikes were hard to come by in northern Alberta in December.

All these years later I still would love to have a party in June. And now… I have one.

June 7 – Global Running Day. Feel free to send presents.

This year I celebrated early. (This was due to misinformation on my part. I was sure it was today. June 1. But it’s not really until next Wednesday.)

Nevertheless… We had our annual all-school field trip scheduled for today so I had to be in my classroom by 7:30 a.m. So at 5:30 there I was out for an easy 5 km to celebrate.

Here comes the sun.







My usual running partner is not an enthusiastic morning runner, so I conscripted the second string.

Happy Early Global Running Day

And happily, we get to do it again on the ACTUAL day.

See you on the trails, pals.