Easy Like Sunday Morning

For the first time in MONTHS I actually made it out for a Sunday morning run. Whatever has been wrong with my head? I love these runs. They’re my hands-down favourite.

Why did I give up running on Sunday mornings? Not because I’m too busy. Usually my weekend mornings look a lot like this…

Perfect Sunday a.m.

So why?

I think it was because I was trying to cut down my miles and let my poor old piriformis heal. But that’s ages ago now and I clearly just got out of the habit. Phooey.

So this morning I tied on my old sneakers and headed out for an easy peasy recovery run. Me. The magpies. And four guys on the trail. Just us out in the beautiful morning.

Why do a recovery run? As runners, we used to think that recovery runs helped remove lactic acid from your muscles after a long hard run the day before. But research shows that’s just hooey. Now we know recovery runs are just one more tool to use to increase your running ability, stamina and speed on fast days. Really. ┬áThis Workout of the Week explains the science in more detail than I’m prepared to worry about.

And remember to go SLOWLY. It’s not a recovery run if you push at all. You should not be huffing and puffing and pushing on the hills. Relax. Enjoy. Stop and eat a raspberry if God provides one for you.


See you on the trails, pals.