Runner Envy

Stand back pals. Waaaaaay back. If it’s contagious, you’re in danger. Because this morning I had a serious case of runner envy.

Been there?

It came on suddenly this morning. There I was slogging down the street, a panting blob of red sweatiness, and she came streaming by. All sleek blond grace gazelling along. Sigh. One second I was staggering along on my own. Then there were footsteps closing in from behind. And then…runner envy.

blonde godess

But I’m nothing if not a poster child for perseverance, so I kept on going. Sweat dripping off my nose. Sweat running in my eyes. Even my eyelashes were sweating I swear to God. (It may have been a little humid.)

And a mile or so later….Hurrah. It was my turn to pass another early bird. As I pulled up alongside him, I turned to smile and say good morning and saw….

walker w frame

Excuse me while I go back to bed now.


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